Saturday, September 12, 2009

things to love

fall fashion week is in full swing- and as usual, i'm a little depressed about it. don't get me wrong, i love seeing the new styles, colors and ideas, i love the excitement--but it is such a buzz kill to realize what we have to live though before spring. oh, dark-depressing-winter. SO i am focusing on now. fall. things that are exciting me about THIS season...

falling for fall
from Panton's fall color report i'm loving Purple Heart and Rapture Rose. especially paired with grey and bright blue (which were spring 09 what? i can live in the past a little, right?) also loving menswear inspired looks paired with girly-flirty accessories. but i think, above all, i'm loving purple.

1. bracelet: jcrew 2. tunic: american eagle 3. boyfriend blazer: necessary objects 4. shoes: kate spade

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