Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quinoa Taco Salad

I spotted this recipe for Quinoa "Taco" Salad on GoodLife {eats} and I HAD to try it--it's basically my dream-come-true meal using all of my favorite things.

I made one small addition to the recipe-- I served the salad on top of a crispy tortilla. It is really just as yummy as it looks-- and so healthy!

Monday, January 25, 2010

{things} I ♥ Monday...

Welcome back Monday.... this week I ♥ the bloganistas flickr pool: the "group is for any blogger ready to spotlight their wardrobe..."  I love seeing fellow bloganista's "real life" style as well as their blogging style :)

How fun, right? Back before I bought a full length mirror I used to take this kind of picture each morning to see what I looked like {lol- I know...} I might have to start doing it again... so I can be a part of the pool. {maybe that way I'll keep my room clean too...}

{me last spring... shoot, I really like that sweater...}

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Best {winter weekend}

To start off I want to make something clear-- I really never dress up on Sunday. In fact I'll probably spend today in sweats watching football and drinking beer. But, since I do not yet have fancy events to attend it is nice to have a day to dream...

I imagine taking that outfit out for brunch and a visit to the Met. But {oh my} does it come with a big price tag. SO I threw together another look-- the same style for less {yay!}
{shoes: rsvp, necklace: American Eagle, dress: H&M , jacket: Dorothy Perkins , bag: Francesco Biasia}
Tres chic! 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

dear internet

i am the one who should truly apologize for my lack of entries. let's not even discuss the last time i posted. (if we did, the discussion would go something like this)

me: sorry it's been so long.
internet: yeah what the hell, it was like 3 months ago.
me: no i just checked and it was 2 months ago.
internet: you still suck

i've been struggling a lot with "fitting in" on this blog. which crissie pointed out to me today, over a eggs florentine and mimosas, was silly considering the blog had been my idea.

well damn right it was. so i will be making a conscious effort to blog again. and a schedule. i just have to figure out all this lame 20 something life stuff. but what better place to be moody than a blog?

so let me leave you with an "inspiration". in fact, i recently sent an email to my mother that was titled "seriously", regarding my multiple failed fillings and cavities and needs for root canals and lack-there-of of dental insurance.

so that is my dear life card right now. find it {here}

expect my next post to be happier (one can only hope, right?) also crissie said i had to be uplifting. although personally i feel we should go the direction of fuck you, penguin.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

all the trimmings

My beautiful best friend Meghan is getting married this spring {i believe I've mentioned this before...}

Now meet Erica, my bridesmaid dress:

Meghan wants her bridesmaids to chose their own jewelery, accessories and shoes--to reflect our own style. WELL- I have alway loved these J. Crew belts:

But I'm not sure if I love the color. So I turned to  Etsy for help, here are my finds {so far...}:

What do you think?

Monday, January 18, 2010

{things} I ♥ Monday...

This is a misleading post title. I do not love Monday. To alleviate my animosity toward the day I have decided to feature things I DO love here every Monday.

Right now I ♥ food photography--especially in Sunset Magazine. The recipes sound just as delicious as they look. yum.


Mmm... I'm drooling. I don't think that's good for my keyboard. Perhaps this feature is a bad call... ;)

**PS: Happy MLK Jr day! I have to work...do you? are you doing anything for the day of service?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear World...

I feel I owe an apology--or an explanation at least--for my long absence from the blogosphere... I blame the cold weather. My inspiration is hibernating for winter--I am a Bear after all...

However yesterday on Oh Joy! I spotted this print by looks good to me:

{fancy feet}

and I feel awake again! Mystery solved--I feel disconnected form my wonderful collection of peep-toes and pumps and it is hampering my ability to blog. Darn the ice and cold! When can I wear strapy sandals again? 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Designer Crush--Naeem Khan

 I'm so in love with Naeem Khan's Pre-Fall 2010 line:

{photos via WWD}

 I've just been head over heels with sequins and sparkles lately--remnants of NYE perhaps?  And guess who else loves Naeem Khan

{Image by Nicolas Kamm / Getty Images via Mrs-O.org}

How I love her style. :) 

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