Saturday, June 27, 2009

oh my...

shoeslouis got pretty exited today when i collected all of my shoes from the various locations i had strewn them around the apartment and dumped them in a huge pile in the living room. i think he thought it was his reward for getting a hair cut and a bath today--no such luck lou. the goal of this project was to make my extensive shoe collection (64 pairs in all) more easily accessible on a day to day basis, to create a more organized storage system (more organized than: a few in the closet, some under the bed, a lot in the hall closet... more in the hall...) so in that sense, i was rather successful:

i chose to arrange they by frequency of use instead of color, even though the rainbow formation was rather visually stunning...  all are in one closet, and nothing ended up in the fridge. :)

via coco+kelley

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