Wednesday, July 29, 2009

enough is enough

my trip to DC last weekend has inspired me. everyone has such cute apartments. i want mine to be cute too. i seem to be very good finding pictures of cute rooms. but not so good at making my own cute. i am determined to pull it off. here is my current inspiration:

via {vainbuthonest}

i really love frame collages like this one. especially the miss matched frame colors and sizes--with a collection of fun prints and a few new pieces of furniture  i could really transform the living room:

living room style 1 
{1. desk: crate&barrel, 2. vintage map: ebay (currently debating how much i'm willing to pay...) 3. storage bench: target, 4. rattan chair: ikea, 5. this little dot poster: allposters, 6. sofa bed: ikea}

the color scheme: Preppy Green, Sun Safari, Cool Sausalito (all dutch-boy paints).

the goal: create a modern room that reflects my laid-back personality and west-coast roots, but is stylish enough for a new yorker... i'm open to suggestions :)


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