Friday, May 21, 2010

the whitest sneakers award

This week in TV character makeovers, I bring you Pam Beesly, from the hit NBC show, "The Office".

Pam Beesly was a challenge. I wanted to keep the essence that makes Pam "Pam", but make her stylish, as well. And Pam is the opposite of stylish. Pam's looks are boring attempts at professional office wear. With a TJMaxx flair...

{images courtesy of NBC}

So, onto the challenge. How do I bring out the office professional/secretary look, without losing her famous "white keds"?

Readers, I bring you Pam "Office chic"... and a little funky.

{shirt: gap, sweater: Yuki**, skirt: balenciaga, bag: bayswater, necklace: fredflare}

Maybe with this stylish getup, it wouldn't have taken Pam three seasons to summon the courage to speak her true feelings :). I feel like I should do a "Lost" makeover for next week... in honor of the show's weekend series finale. Who should it be? Kate, Claire, or Sun? (Very few female characters on that show...)

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