Monday, February 1, 2010

rabbit, rabbit....

Our Grandmother says that if the first thing you say on the first of every month is "rabbit, rabbit" and you'll have good luck that month. Kelsey and I find it hard to remember.
But Today I did.
Today I also got pick to serve on a Grand Jury for the rest of this month. I could be upset and grumpy about it--but I'm choosing not to be. I said "Rabbit, Rabbit!" I'm supposed to have good luck all month-- something good is going to come of this.

I'm trusting you rabbits. Don't let me down.

PS:(GUESS who is in the training video we watched to learn about Grand Jury Duty. SAM WATERSTON. I died of joy. I think juror number 9 (I'm #10... ) was amused by my excitement... but whatever. How good is that? High five Jury video makers. Job well done.)

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