Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wedding wednesday: meghan and mike

Last summer my dearest friend got engaged. All year I've shared peaks of the inspirations and ideas as she planned her special day--This is the girl I've been friends with since we learned to read... We've helped each other through first kisses, first loves, heartbreaks, teen angst, packing for college {if you saw all the shoes she took you'd know why were BFFs} leaving home, getting jobs, going BACK to school... and so many horrible hair cuts it isn't worth counting.
So the fact that I was included so much in the planning of her wedding really means more than I could ever say. 

And now, I am every so pleased to present the Getz-Metzger wedding- from inspiration to reality.
{inspiration- 1, 2}

{at the Arts Club in Washington DC}
{the beautiful bride and me}
{first look}
{the wedding party! and our magical shoes...}
{first dance to Kiss the Girl}
{wedding pie- all the way form Michigan!}

*photos by the always inspiring Kate Headley, flowers by Holly Heider Chapple, programs and invitations by Aaron Lewis...and just for fun- Meghan and me circa 1994:

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