Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Wardrobe Refresh

It is OFFICIALLY Fall now. This means a few things.
#1 - Cooler weather (right? RIGHT?)
#2 - Post-Season baseball (of course, for me and Kelsey that means going to see Moneyball and crying...)
#3 - Time for a wardrobe refresh!! Just add a few key pieces to get your closet ready for the new season... here's what I'm coveting for fall...

2nd Row: H&M: Vest and Blouse; Bright Pencil Skirt (for color-blocking, you know!); Black Cropped Slacks 
4th Row: Red Blazer (or maybe hot pink instead?); Duffle Cape; Boots (Loeffler Randall - I'm in love with these. For real.) Glitter Heels.  

What's on your fall shopping list?

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