Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Fashion Week

It's New York Fashion Week lovelies--and the eve of Fashion's Night Out! To kick off fashion's whirlwind week New York's largest fashion show ever took place Tuesday night-- FNO- The Show. Looking at the pictures reminds me of my most secret ambition--to be a runway model. Seriously- it would be a dream to dress up in designer clothes, strap on sky-high heels and have people take my picture. Alas- I am a puny 5 foot 8 inches and the old age of 26-- it will most likely always be a pipe dream.

But such a lovely one--especially when I get to gaze at models like these--showing off FNO tee's, Fall's hottest fashions-- and a Grand Finale of GOWNS. Love it all- bring on Spring 11....
{all images via (the lovely NEW)}

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