Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will you be my bridesmaid?

As many of you probably imagined, I'm going to be a DIY bride... to every extent possible. I'm really hoping to do invites and save-the-dates entirely DIY-- along with decorations, thank-yous, etc.

This is for two reasons. 1) Our budget. I want an awesome wedding... but we're 23 and 25 and footing most of the bill entirely on our own. and most importantly 2) We want our wedding to be US, first and foremost. And cookie-cutter invites are definitely not me.

But I haven't even started thinking about invitations (okay that's a partial lie). However, asking my bridesmaids to be in the wedding? Done and done. I wanted to ask in a really sweet and personal way. We decided on 5 attendants each-- it worked out perfectly. Clayton has Jesse, his best friend from college, as his best man, and then Mike and Brenton, his two high school besties, plus his two best friends and film buddies from NYC, Justyn and Christopher.

Crissie is obviously my maid-of-honor (and well on her way to becoming a professional maid-of-honor). Then I have my two besties from college-- Juliana and Sarah -- and, of course, Clayton's two younger sisters, Livi and Hannah.

So I bought 4 bridesmaid books and one maid-of-honor book and then composed 5 lovely notes, asking each girl to please be my bridesmaid.

The wrapping paper I used was actually leftover scraps of the paper we bought to wrap Meghan and Mike's wedding present.
The cards came out perfectly!! Even without a paper-cutter... which I really should invest in. Or maybe register for? (No, I need it before then!!) Most importantly, I want each bridesmaid to feel unique throughout this experience. This is why each girl will wear a different dress in multiple colors, and choose own accessories-- but now I am infringing on an upcoming post. Crissie is a genius. I'll leave it at that. :)

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